Embodied Empowerment is a therapy practice that specializes in the treatment of women’s sexual and reproductive health concerns. This practice is built on the idea that the ability to consciously engage in sexual and reproductive experiences is a fundamental part of women’s empowerment and wellbeing.

I believe that there is incredible power in reconnecting with the wisdom held in your body. I work with my clients to shift out of narratives that have kept them disconnected so that they can reclaim feelings of curiosity, compassion, and self-discovery that are crucial to embodied, authentic sexual and reproductive experiences. As a therapist I am dedicated to helping you build the confidence to authentically express your sexuality, feel comfortable in your own body, and make informed choices about your sexual and reproductive health.

Areas of Focus

Reproductive Health

I help my clients
build confidence
and clarity in their reproductive choices while navigating the complex emotions that have accompanied their
reproductive experiences.

Sexual Health

I work with my
clients to increase
their sexual
satisfaction and
create authentic,
fulfilling sexual

Body Dissatisfaction

My therapeutic approach
creates space for
my clients to
reconnect with their
bodies and build
confidence in
their appearance.


I empower my
clients to create
lasting change and
transformation by
breaking cycles that
leave them feeling
stuck and unfulfilled.

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I work collaboratively with my clients to address concerns related to...

Involuntary Childlessness
Living Childfree by Choice
Single Parenting by Choice
Parenthood Indecision
Pathways to Building a Family
Fertility Preservation
Shame and Perfectionism
Stress and Burnout

Low Libido
Arousal Difficulties
Difficulties with Orgasm
Painful Intercourse
Sexual Shame or Anxiety
Sexual Satisfaction
Sexual Confidence
Pre or Postpartum Sexuality
Infertility and Intimacy
Body Image Concerns